⦁ PC & laptops diagnostic and repair service
⦁ Networking (Wired & Wi-fi): Routers, Wifi Extenders, NAS
⦁ Data recovery
⦁ Security Cameras (CCTV, Spy and Nanny cams)
⦁ SMART TV - Home theather - Cinema installation
⦁ Digital signage
⦁ Video walls

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We started more than 1o years ago repairing domestic PC’s and laptops for the locals (Spanish speakers), but once the Internet technology expanded so fast, the demand of other type of devices attached to a fast Internet connection increased (Internet Of Things), so our interest of providing these new services support did too; here we are now with the acquired knowledge of Networking and Smart devices connected to it. This pursuit of knowledge and the interest of our services in English, by some foreign customers, had also led us to provide Bilingual support to the point of being contacted by some Global IT companies, becoming partners with three of them. We enjoy now providing bilingual services for residential, medium and small companies, in areas such computing, networking, surveillance, security, entertainment, and finally marketing (Digital Signage & Video walls).


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